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  • Cari Libby

    Hi, I am a Mental Health practitioner and Art Therapist Intern at Creative Connections. I am in a master’s level dual licensure program at Adler Graduate School for mental health counseling and art therapy. I am a wife and mother to two kids and a dog. I have a background in graphic design and business management. I am good at listening and just being with people wherever they are. I also believe that laughter can be good medicine.  I take a person-centered humanistic (empathetic, compassionate, and nonjudgmental) approach to therapy. 

    As an art therapist, I combine mental health, art, and spirituality for clients to find transformation. I am trained in CBT. I love using art therapy to help clients explore feelings and emotions while illuminating stories in visual form. Making art helps us relax, learn about ourselves, and tell narratives through creative expression, allowing the client to say with art what words alone cannot. 

    I have a passion for group art therapy combining faith-healing concepts of many diverse cultures, religions, and beliefs with art therapy because we all have much to learn from one another. As a Christian, I am also an advocate for LGBTQ rights. Gasp, you read that correctly. I am both a lover of Jesus and a lover of all his creation exactly as you.

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