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  • Creatively Expressing your Prayers Workshop

    Contract Breanna to come to your church or community and lead you in this workshop. 

    You will learn more about the creative arts process as Art Therapist Breanna Reed leads you through how to creatively express your prayers.

    This is a non-clinical art therapy workshop. Breanna will walk you through the connection of creativity and spirituality as we express our prayers through art. 


    -Fellowship – being around other God following people to find support and connection

    -Express your prayers in a creative way

    -Tap into your creativity and find release and peace through the creative arts process

    -Learn how to combine art therapy and spirituality

    What to Expect: 

    -Education on how to combine art therapy and spirituality

    -Time to journal and think through your prayers

    -Art Making time

    -Optional (but encouraged) sharing



    Personal Risk Disclaimer: 

    All participants are responsible for and should be aware of their own physical, mental, and emotional safety.

    At times when we take the time to care for ourselves and create, sometimes we can become overwhelmed with emotions or thoughts that arise, which is very normal. These experiences can be invitations to acknowledge and processes hidden things that are calling out for attention. It is encouraged that you please be mindful of your needs during and after each session and take care of yourself. Please understand that this program does not involve treating mental health disorders as defined by the American Psychiatric Association. 

    By enrolling in this workshop and attending, you have read the personal risk disclaimer and understand the potential risks and that you as the participant will be responsible for your own safety and well-being.


    $200 for up to 12 people

    {5+ per person after 12}

    Breanna will provide all Art Materials for this workshop