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  • Open Studio

    Open Studio Art Therapy is a non-clinical therapeutic group. It is ideal for the individuals who are looking to improve self-support skills, engage more deeply in their life, explore persistent themes, and build connections with others. Open Studio Art Therapy combines the role of the individual and the artist, teaching them to become objective observers of their self to see  both their struggles and their strengths. Open Studio Art Therapy supports emotional and psychological development by providing a concrete and tangible reflection of this process. This group is not appropriate for those experiencing acute psychiatric distress.

    Groups will be semi-structured around a different theme each session. Group members are invited to engage with the theme if it is helpful or are assisted to identify their own specific need for the session. This approach creates a safe place to explore individual needs within a group setting. The therapist will guide the group through verbal instructions, modeling, materials guidance, and group facilitation.

    This group is suitable for those who haven’t touched a marker in years and those that engage regularly with art. Participants do not need to bring anything as all the necessary tools and basic materials are provided for each session. Participants are welcome to bring their own materials for personal preference, specific projects, or materials requests (large canvas etc).