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  • What to Expect

    -Guidance from Art Therapist each week

    -Time to journal and think through your prayers and connection with God

    -Art Making time

    – Optional (but encouraged) sharing

    – Prayer


    -using the Immanuel prayer approach, you will build your relationship with Jesus.

    -learn how to express your prayers creatively.

    -create images to reflect on and create hope during difficult times.

    -Fellowship – being around other God following people to find support and connection

    -Tap into your creativity and find release and peace through the creative arts process

    -Learn how to combine art therapy and spirituality

    Immanuel Approach

    The Immanuel approach is a therapeutic method that focuses on deepening one’s connection with God in order to facilitate healing and growth. Developed by Dr. Karl Lehman, the Immanuel approach integrates principles from neuroscience, attachment theory, and spiritual concepts to help individuals experience emotional healing and develop a stronger relationship with God.

    Core Principles: 

    Relational Focus: The Immanuel approach emphasizes the significance of healthy relationships, particularly the relationship with God and others, as a means of healing.

    Emotional Connection: It recognizes the importance of connecting with and processing emotions in a safe and supportive environment.Cooperative Interaction: The approach encourages cooperative engagement between the client, the therapist, and God, facilitating a deeper experience of healing and growth. 

    Understanding Immanuel: 

    Connection with God: The Immanuel approach seeks to facilitate a personal, interactive connection with God, recognizing Him as a source of comfort, guidance, and healing. 

    Healing Pathways: It explores the pathways to healing, such as identifying and addressing emotional wounds, fostering secure attachments, and cultivating a sense of safety and trust.

    Brain Science: The approach integrates knowledge from neuroscience to understand how the brain processes emotions, memories, and relationships, providing insights into the healing process.

    Immanuel Prayer: 

    Co-Experiencing with God: Immanuel Prayer involves inviting God into the therapeutic session, where both the client and therapist engage in a cooperative dialogue with God to access His presence, guidance, and healing. 

    Cultivating Connection: Through intentional listening, engaging with God’s presence, and processing emotions together, the client can experience emotional healing, increased self-awareness, and a deeper connection with God.Integration and Transformation: Immanuel’s Prayer aims to integrate past painful experiences with God’s healing presence, leading to transformation, greater peace, and a sense of wholeness. 

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    If you’ve tried this group out and loved it, we have an option for you to commit save money!

    You can purchase 10 group sessions for $100 (saving you $50) 

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    Personal Risk Disclaimer

    All participants are responsible for and should be aware of their own physical, mental, and emotional safety.

    At times when we take the time to care for ourselves and create, sometimes we can become overwhelmed with emotions or thoughts that arise, which is very normal. These experiences can be invitations to acknowledge and process hidden things that are calling out for attention. It is encouraged that you please be mindful of your needs during and after each session and take care of yourself. Please understand that this program does not involve treating mental health disorders as defined by the American Psychiatric Association. 

    By enrolling in this workshop and attending, you have read the personal risk disclaimer and understand the potential risks and that you as the participant will be responsible for your own safety and well-being.

    Weekly Drop-in Creative Prayer Group

    Tuesdays 9am -10am 


    This space allows you to focus on expressing your prayers to God creatively. Guided by Art Therapist Breanna Reed, you will take time to connect with God and gain insight into what He is telling you. Art-making time is a critical part of this group. Artist talent is not needed, just an openness to express yourself with art.  This time will be saved weekly despite sign-ups, so you are welcome to sign up last minute.